Street & Custom and night
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Japanese style
Below link will take You to movie showing how Japan AmCar scene is growing. Some of the modifications are bit controversial like paint job on some of the cars at the beginning but anyway it is better then watching one another Rice car ;-)
Mustang Race 2012
A movie promo of next year Mustang Klub Polska event. Their cars became their way and style of life. Some of them are projects and cars being serviced in our garage.
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Our inspirations
Here are couple of hot-rod shots found on internet, they are grate inspiration on own projects and shows how beautiful cars can be.
 Our inspirations  Our inspirations  Our inspirations  Our inspirations  Our inspirations
 Our inspirations     
Movie form 4th AWSA
Presented movie is an official relation form this year AWSA - American Amature Car Racing, so enjoy!
What's going on.
We invite You to visit our current projects weekly as new pictures of progress are being added once a week. Also bigger changes and mods are described to keep it up-to-date. New projects are added every time when they show in our workshop. So stay tuned!